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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Shiatsu? Bless you!

Well, OP had some shiatsu treatment today from the lovely Donna Mann.  Well, she checked him alll over and he seemed in good nick - no really hot or cold spots and gave him an all over treatment.  Well, he melted!  That's the only way to describe it really!  He was all nuzzly and relaxed and completely chilled out at the end.

I thoroughly recommend it even if, like for OP it was more of a "feel-good" therapy.  Just like us going to a spa or having a massage, he looked completely relaxed and sooo happy.  She gave me some exercises to do and opened my mind to alternative therapies for neddies.

Donna not only is a human and equine shiatsu student training with Sue Hix but she is a student of the AMEZZIN Kelly Marks and working towards gaining the phenomenal Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship. Donna gives advice on equine behaviour and training using Intelligent Horsemanship techniques.  I hope in time she will become a Recommended Associate like the BRILLIANT Garry Bosworth.

Donna is peeking over Monty's shoulder in the middle!

As if that wasn't enough, Donna also runs Scunthorpe Pet Sitters where she offers a range of dog walking and pet sitting services as well as basic dog behaviour and training tips.

To top it all (yes she really does do even MORE!)  Donna is the BHS North Lincolnshire District Representative!!!

Find her Facebook and book her for a a treatment for you AND your horse - you'll like it I'm sure!


Monday, 2 May 2011

Crikey it's May!


Well since my last blog, my "normal" job situation has become a bit pants.  Cut to two and a half days a week = half the pay.  Boo.  On the up side (as I nearly ALWAYS think on the positive side!) this means more time to ride and teach!  So the plan is to push my coaching BIG style.  I'm hoping to become a member of the newly BHS affiliated Alkborough and District Saddle Club next week and am really excited about training the members on a regular basis as well as writing the monthly newsletters and being involved in meetings, ridden and social activity organising.

If anyone has any ideas about how I can promote myself on a tiny budget, please contact me?  Other than sending out my info to all the tack shops, yards and clubs in the region, not sure how else to get more teaching work.

I have moved OP to East Halton now - he's doing so well.  In less than a month he has re-blossomed into the quarter horse I love.  All bottom and shoulders!  Have a look at my very Orange Pony below.

He's still got evidence of war wounds from his previous field pals but I'm hoping they'll all be gone soon.  My only worry is that OP is on his own in his paddock.  He has got sheep next door and dogs and cats come to visit him from the house but not another horse.  He seems to be fine and has settled so well.  I am considering either retrieving my Welsh A from on loan to use as a companion or looking out for a local pony that needs a home as a companion.  

I will have to see how OP gets on.   Especially as he is now on a fitness regime!  I am planning to get the boy fit so that I can aim for a couple of events towards the end of summer, namely East Halton Show in August and Bagmoor Lane Hunter Trial in September.  My goals are SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.  I have a 14.2hh orange quarter horse!  I am working towards a SPECIFIC event doing an activity that is MEASURABLE in how I can know if I am making progress.  My goals are ACHIEVABLE, I am not aiming for Burghley or Olympia!  Local shows are best for me right now and entering classes that I think are attainable but I will have to work hard to reach them.  I have been REALISTIC in my my choice of goal and it is also RELEVANT to me.  I've not chosen a goal competing in polo for example - something I and OP have never done!  Lastly my goal is TIMELY.  I have a date to work towards so I can start planning how I can reach that target date by planning my time to get OP and me fit and trained to enable us to compete to the best we can.

I have found this website Focused Riding useful.  There are plenty of websites out there:

The Focused Riding website even has downloadable training calendars!  AMEZZIN!  Guess who'll be doing that!

Have you got a goal that you would like to achieve?  Maybe I can help you with your performance management and keeping you on track to achieving your goal.  Give me a call or email me or find me on Facebook.

Happy Riding!