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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Late but worth it!

Well bloggers!  Guess what?

I only flippin' won and came 3rd at my dressage competition on Bank Holiday Monday!  Super M came 1st in the Intro A (63.47%) and we were 3rd in the Prelim 7(59%) .  Not bad seeing as that was M's 5th schooling session!  I have suddenly become more confident in my abilities as a rider and a coach - what a lovely feeling to bring on a simple little cob mare who has NEVER done dressage before and for her to be all perky and enjoy it too.

What's also mega fab is that my BFF rode her round the XC and she came 2nd in that too!  All in a days work!  If you want a good set up and nice inviting XC jumps, Caistor Equestrian is your place.

What's even more exciting is that I am show jumping her tomorrow now at Messingham Show (come along too??)  We're just going for the Novice Horse to start with, what with this being my first competition since forever and after my hip injury.

I am really looking forward to more dressage - I think it's my thing :-)

I've decided that I'll try extra hard tomorrow for my friend Chrissie who died last month.  It's her birthday tomorrow and I miss more than I knew I would.  So if I do well at all tomorrow, it'll be because she's watching from her little perfect cloud in heaven - thanks Chris :-)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Job and Ready To Compete!

Well, seeing as things have been a little slow going freelance I've got a full time job working for the Council to help pay the bills until I get more clients.  I've had my first week there and it is a nice easy job.  It's in Children's Services so the content of the things I deal with are sometimes very delicate but I really enjoy admin and working closely with the Social Workers on cases is great.  PLUS there are some people with horses there so I might be able to find some clients or more horses to ride and compete!

On that front, I'm competing M on Monday at Caistor Equestrian Centre - can't wait!  We're doing Intro A and Preim 7 for our first trip out.  She has NEVER been schooled or done Dressage proper so I'm looking forward to seeing how we do and the feedback from the result sheet.  Even better news is there are only 4 people in the Prelim 7 class so we might even have a chance of winning!  I do like competing!

As much as I'd like to be competing at a higher level, it is so much fun starting out on a new horse at grass roots level.  It's all contributing to raise my profile and I might be able to find some clients while out competing.  M's owner N will be briefed to hand out my card if anyone asks about me and M!  Plus by BFF will there to watch me and then compete M in the XC later in the morning.  So she can help too!  Don't forget to visit my website!  JCS Equestrian

From next month I'm hoping to be able to compete SJ and XC too as my consultant said I could by then if my hip was feeling better. I'm thinking Messingham Show next weekend and then possibly Winterton Show or Hackthorn ODE.  I want to be out every weekend if possible now!

Right, best get my kit organised for tomorrow.  I'm going to wear my green and navy tweed jacket I think with a canary shirt and red tie. Tagg Clothing for my jacket!  Teque Style for my shirt!

I fancy going more traditional rather than all out posh in my navy jacket which is a Mears Pytchley (BEAUTIFUL with brass buttons).  I want to go for relaxed first time out and not try to hard.  Ooh must polish my boots too!  I'm a gaitors girl too, can't find long boots to fit!

Wish me luck?!?

(Can you believe people pay for this!??!?!)