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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Good Day

Yesterday was a busy one.  I taught C and her big horse S in the morning sunshine.  We are really making progress for such an unusual pairing of horse and rider.  Massive horse and skinny ma-link rider!  C gets very excited when S goes into an outline all on her own.  Going to practise some basic prelim dressage moves on Fri and then work towards cantering and pole work the week after.  Getting there!

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After that I nipped to school M.  For a cob that has never done any schooling let alone any proper dressage schooling before, she was a superstar practising prelim 7 and 10 moves yesterday.  She's not fit but she's such a trier.  N said his neighbour is happy for us to use her super-duper massive arena to work in so can't wait to practise in there next session.  She's a really cool colour.  My genius-pal H says she is sabino colouring.  Funky!  Am planning to go there on Fri afternoon.

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After THAT I then went to D's yard and helped her until my best friend C came and I rode her horse M. C and S made me a makeshift arena in their jumping paddock and we had a go at some dressage and then popped a few jumps.  WOW this horse is amezzin.  I really hope I can take her to some competitions for C.

At the end of yesterday I was filthy, sweaty and unsuprisingly SUNBURNT!  Can you believe it?  Got the weather has a massive effect on my wellbeing.  It makes me happy!

Must buy some of this though!
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Monday, 17 May 2010

Let's get physical!

Right, so I've been to see my physio F this morning.  Blimey traffic was busy on the way in too!  Anyway, I told that I'm doing much better, much stronger now but still getting the impingement niggle and can't bring my right knee up to my chest still.  It's like there is block in my hip.  She frowned and has said that when I go back in a month and if it is still no better then I might have to go back for a referral and have a dye scan MRI this time to deffo see what is causing the impingement.  GREAT!

Well, on the up side she's told me not run - ace!  But, I can cycle and she's given me some more hilarious exercises to do.  This time I have to do hops and jumping!  As in hopping on one leg, jumping up and down, box jumping and hopping from one leg to another.  I wonder if she's just playing with me??  Plus I have to do the other exercises too: lunges, leg lifts and one I call the Lincoln imp knee twist.  Just wish I had a buddy to get fitter with?

So I'm on the look out for someone to cycle with or walk about with in my village.  I'm even going to put a note up in the window of the shop.  I really want to get fit.  The fitter I am the better a rider I can be.  By gosh I want to be better.