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Monday, 5 July 2010


I am very happy to report that I won the Novice Horse show jumping on M at Winterton Show yesterday!

Look at us go here! Smile Event Photography

We also came 3rd in the Intermediate Horse show jumping too.  Very proud and hope M's owners are too.  We are going XC schooling on Friday at Hood's and then going to Broughton Show on Sunday to have another crack at the Intermediate.  We can't compete at Restricted/Novice level now that we've won, so will plan to go in the Open Novice at Caistor ODE on 18th July now.

Will hopefully have lots more pics from my BFF's boyfriend - he's an amateur photographer and getting to be rather ace at taking pics of horses now!   Check out my Facebook for them.

J x

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cracking On

Teaching is going well.   New client on board now (nice one!) who I taught on Monday night.  L has got a large orange beastie who is rather gangly and unbalanced but very affectionate and willing to try.  He hasn't done much schooling so we are going back to basics which is very satisfying work.

I rode big B on Monday as well - by goodness he needs a sort out and I'll be telling S when she gets back off hols how cheeky he is being!  I shall say over bent and head between knees when cantering - not so enjoyable I can tell you!

Good news is that my BFF and Super M are so much more consistent jumping now that I am really looking forward to going to Horseworld on Sunday afternoon to see how they get on.  I'm competing too on little M.  She was a star last night when we had a SJ practice.  I've got the technique down on her now.

Right - to work I go - got a course today and then home for some DIY and housework in prep for the house warming party on Saturday afternoon/evening!  Can't wait.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Busy but goooood!

Busy week ahead bloggers!

I've got my house warming party on Saturday and a show jumping Derby day at Horseworld, Osgodby on Sunday.  So I've got jump practice to fit in, teaching and getting my house ready for lots of people visiting!

Busy is good though.  I *NEED* to be occupied.  I go stir crazy and get dismally depressed without a job.  I need a routine and this week is by goodness going to need one!

Monday - Ride B and teach L and F
Tuesday - Ride OP
Wednesday - Ride B, teach C and ride M
Thursday - Ride OP
Friday - Ride B, teach C and ride M again!
Saturday - PARTY
Sunday - Show-jumping at Horseworld in the Derby Day.

Well, I wanted to get fit!  :-)

Sunday, 6 June 2010


On a separate note, I want to wish my friend Chrissie a Happy Birthday.  She very sadly died last month and is greatly missed.  I'll be popping by this afternoon to wish you a good one up there on your cloud.

Don't forget ones that are missed and try to visit them when you can.  It's good for your soul.

RIP Chrissie xxx

Rained Off!

Well Messingham Show was a no go for us today - too much rain and not worth the risk for the neddies.  We don't like slippy grass!

Onwards and upwards with plans for next competitions then.  Coming up ....

Saturday 26th June, 17th July, 27th July,
North Lincs Riding Club

Sunday 27th June
Crowle Show

Sunday 27th June
Brocklesby Country Fair

1st July, 29th July, 26th August, 23rd September, 21st October,18th November, 16th December
Caistor Equestrian Centre - Evening Dressage

17th June, 15th July, 12th August, 9th September, 7th October, 4th November, 2nd December
Caistor Equestrian Centre - Evening SJ

3rd and 4th July
Hackthorn ODE (over 2 days!)

3rd October
Hackthorn Autumn Hunter Trial

18th July, 22nd August, 5th September
Scunthorpe and District Pony Owners Show

Lots of decisions to be made and fun to be had!

Hopefully some rosettes to be won too :-)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Late but worth it!

Well bloggers!  Guess what?

I only flippin' won and came 3rd at my dressage competition on Bank Holiday Monday!  Super M came 1st in the Intro A (63.47%) and we were 3rd in the Prelim 7(59%) .  Not bad seeing as that was M's 5th schooling session!  I have suddenly become more confident in my abilities as a rider and a coach - what a lovely feeling to bring on a simple little cob mare who has NEVER done dressage before and for her to be all perky and enjoy it too.

What's also mega fab is that my BFF rode her round the XC and she came 2nd in that too!  All in a days work!  If you want a good set up and nice inviting XC jumps, Caistor Equestrian is your place.

What's even more exciting is that I am show jumping her tomorrow now at Messingham Show (come along too??)  We're just going for the Novice Horse to start with, what with this being my first competition since forever and after my hip injury.

I am really looking forward to more dressage - I think it's my thing :-)

I've decided that I'll try extra hard tomorrow for my friend Chrissie who died last month.  It's her birthday tomorrow and I miss more than I knew I would.  So if I do well at all tomorrow, it'll be because she's watching from her little perfect cloud in heaven - thanks Chris :-)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Job and Ready To Compete!

Well, seeing as things have been a little slow going freelance I've got a full time job working for the Council to help pay the bills until I get more clients.  I've had my first week there and it is a nice easy job.  It's in Children's Services so the content of the things I deal with are sometimes very delicate but I really enjoy admin and working closely with the Social Workers on cases is great.  PLUS there are some people with horses there so I might be able to find some clients or more horses to ride and compete!

On that front, I'm competing M on Monday at Caistor Equestrian Centre - can't wait!  We're doing Intro A and Preim 7 for our first trip out.  She has NEVER been schooled or done Dressage proper so I'm looking forward to seeing how we do and the feedback from the result sheet.  Even better news is there are only 4 people in the Prelim 7 class so we might even have a chance of winning!  I do like competing!

As much as I'd like to be competing at a higher level, it is so much fun starting out on a new horse at grass roots level.  It's all contributing to raise my profile and I might be able to find some clients while out competing.  M's owner N will be briefed to hand out my card if anyone asks about me and M!  Plus by BFF will there to watch me and then compete M in the XC later in the morning.  So she can help too!  Don't forget to visit my website!  JCS Equestrian

From next month I'm hoping to be able to compete SJ and XC too as my consultant said I could by then if my hip was feeling better. I'm thinking Messingham Show next weekend and then possibly Winterton Show or Hackthorn ODE.  I want to be out every weekend if possible now!

Right, best get my kit organised for tomorrow.  I'm going to wear my green and navy tweed jacket I think with a canary shirt and red tie. Tagg Clothing for my jacket!  Teque Style for my shirt!

I fancy going more traditional rather than all out posh in my navy jacket which is a Mears Pytchley (BEAUTIFUL with brass buttons).  I want to go for relaxed first time out and not try to hard.  Ooh must polish my boots too!  I'm a gaitors girl too, can't find long boots to fit!

Wish me luck?!?

(Can you believe people pay for this!??!?!)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Good Day

Yesterday was a busy one.  I taught C and her big horse S in the morning sunshine.  We are really making progress for such an unusual pairing of horse and rider.  Massive horse and skinny ma-link rider!  C gets very excited when S goes into an outline all on her own.  Going to practise some basic prelim dressage moves on Fri and then work towards cantering and pole work the week after.  Getting there!

Riding a Dressage Test (Allen Photographic Guides) Dressage Test Technique (Complete Riding and Driving System) Learner Dressage Test Board Everyday Positive Thinking

After that I nipped to school M.  For a cob that has never done any schooling let alone any proper dressage schooling before, she was a superstar practising prelim 7 and 10 moves yesterday.  She's not fit but she's such a trier.  N said his neighbour is happy for us to use her super-duper massive arena to work in so can't wait to practise in there next session.  She's a really cool colour.  My genius-pal H says she is sabino colouring.  Funky!  Am planning to go there on Fri afternoon.

Horse Coat Colors: Appaloosa, Dominant White, Equine Coat Color Genetics, Champagne Gene, Sabino Horse, Cream Gene, Roan, White, Seal Brown

After THAT I then went to D's yard and helped her until my best friend C came and I rode her horse M. C and S made me a makeshift arena in their jumping paddock and we had a go at some dressage and then popped a few jumps.  WOW this horse is amezzin.  I really hope I can take her to some competitions for C.

At the end of yesterday I was filthy, sweaty and unsuprisingly SUNBURNT!  Can you believe it?  Got the weather has a massive effect on my wellbeing.  It makes me happy!

Must buy some of this though!
Boots Soltan Kids Sun Spray With Wasp & Insect Repellent

Monday, 17 May 2010

Let's get physical!

Right, so I've been to see my physio F this morning.  Blimey traffic was busy on the way in too!  Anyway, I told that I'm doing much better, much stronger now but still getting the impingement niggle and can't bring my right knee up to my chest still.  It's like there is block in my hip.  She frowned and has said that when I go back in a month and if it is still no better then I might have to go back for a referral and have a dye scan MRI this time to deffo see what is causing the impingement.  GREAT!

Well, on the up side she's told me not run - ace!  But, I can cycle and she's given me some more hilarious exercises to do.  This time I have to do hops and jumping!  As in hopping on one leg, jumping up and down, box jumping and hopping from one leg to another.  I wonder if she's just playing with me??  Plus I have to do the other exercises too: lunges, leg lifts and one I call the Lincoln imp knee twist.  Just wish I had a buddy to get fitter with?

So I'm on the look out for someone to cycle with or walk about with in my village.  I'm even going to put a note up in the window of the shop.  I really want to get fit.  The fitter I am the better a rider I can be.  By gosh I want to be better.


Friday, 14 May 2010

Good Deed of the Day

Just to let you know I saved a couple of swallows.  They were stuck in a window behind a grill and couldn't get out.  So, I called my farmer friend N who's stable they were stuck in (which is next to my paddock) and he let them free.  Happy Ending :-)

My paddock and dog J


Well oops, I've not blogged for ages.  Mostly I just forgot and have been lazy.  Anyway, quick update.

All moved in to new house.  Still lots of DIY to do but this will be ongoing FOREVER I think.

Hip is LOADS better, seeing my physio Fiona every few weeks until she is happy to discharge me.  My consultant has advised me not to compete show-jumping until July, so I've been gradually increasing the amount of riding and have been jump practising this week.  So far so good, just normal achiness and no hip pain - woop woop!  BIG thank you to my best friend C for letting me ride her horse M.  Truly a super duper neddy, if not a little wild at times - she reversed into a hedge with me earlier this week!

OP is getting fat in his paddock atm.  We are buying some more fencing to split up my paddock more to reduce his mammoth grass intake!  Saving half already for hay and then going to split it again and add a few sheep for good measure!

I need to get back on OP but he is a peculiar chap.  He'll be 4 1/2 now and is cold-girthed.  Rather than lunge him lots, I'd rather just get on him.  He's the kind of beast to get too fit if you lunged him and then buck you off!  So I'd prefer him to be a little fat and sleepy and then go for a little wander around the field and then crack on with bringing him on and fittening up.

I'm struggling to get any customers so will have to do some market research and try and get my info out there into to the wider world.  I'm supporting C at a show on Sunday on a fun little sabino cob so think I'll be brave and approach people with my details and hand out a few cards.

By the by, once I'm fit, I'm going to compete the little sabino cob M.  She's fun!  So I'll hopefully build a bit of a competition profile on her and then try to pinch super M from C too for dressage :-)

I promise to update more regularly!


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

March Madness

Hello there!

Well the house warming party was postponed because our new kitchen arrived - yay! Massive woop woop actually and can't wait for it to be fitted now.  Waiting for our new living room suite to be delivered in the next few weeks too.  Thank goodness for our families - they've helped us out so much.

On the JCS front, I've sent out lovely mail-shots to 16 local tack shops, stables and riding schools requesting kindly that they display my business cards etc. and to the riding schools I've asked them if they have any vacancies.  Bit of a waiting game really now.  Have put a couple of ads up too.  One in the local paper that goes online too and on Lincs Equestrian. My details should be up with the BHS soon waiting for registration to be completed.

I'm going to a Business Link seminar tonight called Marketing Your New Business so hopefully going to get some tips on raising awareness of my services.

My fab Client No.1 has taken some bumpf to the big T superstore where she works and distributed it to fellow horse riders in the hope they might like me to teach them too.  I am now teaching No.1 every week and have devised a 20 week fitness programme for her neddy.  You may be thinking 20 weeks??  Yes well, this is a very busy owner and I don;t want to pressure her too much, so we have stretched the programme out to suit her and her horse.

I've also finished the last book in the Twilight Saga this week.

  The Twilight Saga Collection

What to say?  I think it is a great series of books for teenagers as it is very easy to read and imaginative but not very grown up and sadly I felt the last book wanting.  It was good but think it could have been a bit better.  Moving on to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo next or possibly a Jodi Picoult novel.  I LOVE to read.  So much so I've bought 8 books from Ebay recently all relating to horses and coaching and fitness and physiology and dressage.  Looking forward to tackling those too.

Coaching Skills for Riding TeachersThe Horse: Fitness and CompetitionThe Horse Physiology (Open College Handbook)The Horse: The Foot, Shoeing and Lameness (Open College)Dressage for the Young RiderFitness for Horse & Rider: Gain More from Your Riding by Improving Your Horse's Fitness and Condition-And Your Own

Right, think I'll pop the kettle on for a cuppa tea ....

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Oooh not blogged for a bit - sooooo busy! In middle of house refurb and setting up JCS Equestrian and getting my hip better too!

JCS is pretty much ready to go - got one client so far that I had already - just need to market myself a bit :-)

House warming on Saturday all going well - kitchen arriving today, new lounge suite ordered, most of decorating done and bathroom nearly ready too.

Can't wait.



Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fresh Start!

I am so happy that my good and lovely friend Gill has given birth to her second son today,  brother to little Luke.    I couldn't beam more for Gill and her lovely fella Neil.  He's so chuffed to have two boys now!

I love fresh starts!  All change and another page to start on.  I am free of my old job now and am positively bursting at the seams to get off the ground officially.

Lots of paperwork ready to be sent off and an appointment with the bank to set up an account for business.  Next is a round of visits to riding schools and livery yards with my details and to all the tack shops and leisure centres.

CAN'T WAIT!  Got a session booked with a client on Friday morning.  This is the beginning ... :-D

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

MRI Experience

Well, yesterday I had an MRI done of my right hip to try and find out what is wrong with it.  What a weird and hellish noisy experience that was!  I popped into a gown and climbed onto a bed/platform thingy and then the radiographer strapped my hip into a cradle and strapped my feet together so I couldn't move them.  Hands down my sides and I got to hold a buzzer in case I need help and then some big headphones to try and drown out the sound of the machine because it is so LOUD!  Weirder still, the headphones first song was "How Bizarre" and then Tom Jones!

It was a little scary as it was so incredibly noisy and booming.  Plus you are squeezed into a little tube and can't see anything but the inside of the tube.   To top it off I got a tickle in my throat and an itch on my shoulder that was HUGELY distracting LOL.  I managed to somehow ignore them til it ended about 15 mins later.

So, now I'm waiting for my results.  Consultant thinks it is a labral tear :-S

Also popped in to see yet another GP to go over my medical report for my current employer while I'm off work.  He was quite positive that I shouldn't be working properly atm so I am glad of the extra time to get set up as a freelance instructor in my area before we part company either by them ending my contract or me resigning.

I am still putting together my business plan and now the weather seems to have cleared up much more now, I'm going to start harassing persuading suggesting my services to my friends and other potential clients.  Ooh I forgot that I may also have bagged myself the use of an outdoor arena in my next village for FREE which would be very useful for training OP and for giving lessons to local clients.  Must follow that up a bit more.

Right, time to go and do some more decorating of my new house and fetch the horse in.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Hello again :-)

Well good news, I am now awaiting an appointment to have an MRI scan on my hip to suss out what the problem is.  My Consultant thinks it may be a cartilage injury and I may need surgery - eek, but I am being positive and hoping physio will be enough to fix me.

I am looking for a little part-time job to keep me going and have been doing some research into potential competitors and pricing.  Going to pick my best friend's brain about it tomorrow when we go for tea together.

I am glad the snow has finally started to melt - means that the roads are safer for driving and for riding.  Many people have been truly stuck not able to exercise their horses round here.  OP is happy enough racing around his paddock and eating the grass through the melting snow at the moment.  Not sure when I will be able to ride again but I KNOW I can teach!

That's all for now.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Driving!

WOW! I made it to my horse and back in very silly conditions. I really should have just left him out in the paddock and I am sure he would have been fine but I wanted to make sure he was ok and came in and had some grub.

How I made it up and down those hills in my measly Ford Fiesta GOD KNOWS! Thank goodness for ABS and sheer goddam luck and ability! Ha Ha!

Well George is happy as larry with a pile of hay in his rubber matted stable.

Poor fella has been stuck in traffic for over 4 hours in Hull trying to get home. Hopefully he'll be back soon.

I love the snow but it really does snarl things up on the roads and make driving tricky.


Well hello 2010!

Right, update time on the old hip injury. Been to see an orthopaedic consultant who thinks it is a cartilage sports injury and I'm now waiting for an MRI appointment - yay :-S

Apart from still being slightly fooked because I'm lame I *AM* still planning and plotting on going freelance. I am looking at the prospect in a practical manner and am hoping to get a part-time job doing anything really to keep the bank (boyfriend) happy while I'm building up a client base and harassing oops I mean asking local riding schools if they need an instructor/coach.

In the meantime, I'm trying to do my physio exercises to build up strength in my hip muscles and am really rather enjoying being at home to look after the house and be around James a lot more.

Gosh I am really looking forward to this year - I can feel it is going to be OK :-)

Toodle Pip for now.