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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Busy but goooood!

Busy week ahead bloggers!

I've got my house warming party on Saturday and a show jumping Derby day at Horseworld, Osgodby on Sunday.  So I've got jump practice to fit in, teaching and getting my house ready for lots of people visiting!

Busy is good though.  I *NEED* to be occupied.  I go stir crazy and get dismally depressed without a job.  I need a routine and this week is by goodness going to need one!

Monday - Ride B and teach L and F
Tuesday - Ride OP
Wednesday - Ride B, teach C and ride M
Thursday - Ride OP
Friday - Ride B, teach C and ride M again!
Saturday - PARTY
Sunday - Show-jumping at Horseworld in the Derby Day.

Well, I wanted to get fit!  :-)

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