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Friday, 14 May 2010


Well oops, I've not blogged for ages.  Mostly I just forgot and have been lazy.  Anyway, quick update.

All moved in to new house.  Still lots of DIY to do but this will be ongoing FOREVER I think.

Hip is LOADS better, seeing my physio Fiona every few weeks until she is happy to discharge me.  My consultant has advised me not to compete show-jumping until July, so I've been gradually increasing the amount of riding and have been jump practising this week.  So far so good, just normal achiness and no hip pain - woop woop!  BIG thank you to my best friend C for letting me ride her horse M.  Truly a super duper neddy, if not a little wild at times - she reversed into a hedge with me earlier this week!

OP is getting fat in his paddock atm.  We are buying some more fencing to split up my paddock more to reduce his mammoth grass intake!  Saving half already for hay and then going to split it again and add a few sheep for good measure!

I need to get back on OP but he is a peculiar chap.  He'll be 4 1/2 now and is cold-girthed.  Rather than lunge him lots, I'd rather just get on him.  He's the kind of beast to get too fit if you lunged him and then buck you off!  So I'd prefer him to be a little fat and sleepy and then go for a little wander around the field and then crack on with bringing him on and fittening up.

I'm struggling to get any customers so will have to do some market research and try and get my info out there into to the wider world.  I'm supporting C at a show on Sunday on a fun little sabino cob so think I'll be brave and approach people with my details and hand out a few cards.

By the by, once I'm fit, I'm going to compete the little sabino cob M.  She's fun!  So I'll hopefully build a bit of a competition profile on her and then try to pinch super M from C too for dressage :-)

I promise to update more regularly!


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