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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

MRI Experience

Well, yesterday I had an MRI done of my right hip to try and find out what is wrong with it.  What a weird and hellish noisy experience that was!  I popped into a gown and climbed onto a bed/platform thingy and then the radiographer strapped my hip into a cradle and strapped my feet together so I couldn't move them.  Hands down my sides and I got to hold a buzzer in case I need help and then some big headphones to try and drown out the sound of the machine because it is so LOUD!  Weirder still, the headphones first song was "How Bizarre" and then Tom Jones!

It was a little scary as it was so incredibly noisy and booming.  Plus you are squeezed into a little tube and can't see anything but the inside of the tube.   To top it off I got a tickle in my throat and an itch on my shoulder that was HUGELY distracting LOL.  I managed to somehow ignore them til it ended about 15 mins later.

So, now I'm waiting for my results.  Consultant thinks it is a labral tear :-S

Also popped in to see yet another GP to go over my medical report for my current employer while I'm off work.  He was quite positive that I shouldn't be working properly atm so I am glad of the extra time to get set up as a freelance instructor in my area before we part company either by them ending my contract or me resigning.

I am still putting together my business plan and now the weather seems to have cleared up much more now, I'm going to start harassing persuading suggesting my services to my friends and other potential clients.  Ooh I forgot that I may also have bagged myself the use of an outdoor arena in my next village for FREE which would be very useful for training OP and for giving lessons to local clients.  Must follow that up a bit more.

Right, time to go and do some more decorating of my new house and fetch the horse in.

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