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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Shiatsu? Bless you!

Well, OP had some shiatsu treatment today from the lovely Donna Mann.  Well, she checked him alll over and he seemed in good nick - no really hot or cold spots and gave him an all over treatment.  Well, he melted!  That's the only way to describe it really!  He was all nuzzly and relaxed and completely chilled out at the end.

I thoroughly recommend it even if, like for OP it was more of a "feel-good" therapy.  Just like us going to a spa or having a massage, he looked completely relaxed and sooo happy.  She gave me some exercises to do and opened my mind to alternative therapies for neddies.

Donna not only is a human and equine shiatsu student training with Sue Hix but she is a student of the AMEZZIN Kelly Marks and working towards gaining the phenomenal Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship. Donna gives advice on equine behaviour and training using Intelligent Horsemanship techniques.  I hope in time she will become a Recommended Associate like the BRILLIANT Garry Bosworth.

Donna is peeking over Monty's shoulder in the middle!

As if that wasn't enough, Donna also runs Scunthorpe Pet Sitters where she offers a range of dog walking and pet sitting services as well as basic dog behaviour and training tips.

To top it all (yes she really does do even MORE!)  Donna is the BHS North Lincolnshire District Representative!!!

Find her Facebook and book her for a a treatment for you AND your horse - you'll like it I'm sure!


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