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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Long Time No See!

OK well I've been away for a while - life happened and got in the way but now I am back!

Lots of changes but all for the better!  New partner, new home, new yard!

I've moved OP to a lovely little yard where he and I have both made some friends.  I have hopefully managed to find some new clients to coach too.

I wonder how everyone has managed during the very wintry weather that we have had.  I know most of my equestrian contacts have done little or no exercise with their horses. At my yard, even though we have an arena and a lunge pen they were for the most part either under snow or frozen solid!

Now that all the snow and ice has gone I am actively looking for new clients to teach as I want to complete my BHSAI portfolio asap.  I've got some fab volunteers at the yard but I want more!  Think I may have to do some networking.

Talking of networking ... next Sunday is the Alkborough & District Saddle Club Horseman's Demo at Winterton Rangers FC 12-3pm.  I'm hoping to meet, greet and rub shoulders with lots of horsey peeps.  Fingers crossed I'll find some more clients.

Now is time to do a little coaching planning!

Bye for now.



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