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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Looking for Livery

Is a good, bog-standard livery yard too much to ask for?  Do they even exist?  I don't want much, just a paddock, a stable, an outdoor arena and not to worry about forage supplies and getting run over by buses when turning out and fetching in!

If anyone knows of a livery yard or paddock and stable to rent or a small yard to rent near Ulceby/Goxhill/East Halton/Immingham/Killingholme PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!

I've been to Graham Scott's, Mrs Pawson's, JJ Equestrian and Lopham's.  One has fab stabling but tiny indoor arena and no outdoor.  One is a run down closed down riding school, one is full livery and expensive with everything I want but can't afford and one is "just a riding school".

My wishlist is ....

Paddock - not on a main road, well fenced, water supply, with some of that green leafy stuff in it.
Stable - that a 14.2hh orange pony can fit in.
Arena - outdoor at least 20x40m, enclosed and with a reasonable surface.
Supply of hay and straw or shavings or anything!
Quiet traffic - no turning out across a busy road where I'll get scared to death by double deckers or quarry lorries!!!

Is this too much to ask?!?!?

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