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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rained Off!

Well, thanks precipitation!  All lessons moved to tomorrow due to the constant piddle!  So Sunday is now a tad full.  Lessons starting at 10.30am then 11am and 1pm, 2pm and 3pm!

Also, due to the rain, the horses had to stay in to keep the field in good nick.  It's a contentious issue at the yard.  I know some stables turn out regardless of the weather and have winter fields just for the purpose that are allowed to get trashed a bit in order for the beasts to stretch their legs.  Other yards are strict and have restricted turn-out for just a few hours a day.  Would be interested to know people's views on this?  Or alternative routines?

Talking of livery yards, I am currently trying ot find one closer to home (Thornton Abbey, near Ulceby/Goxhill/East Halton).  If you know of anywhere that has an outdoor arena, does DIY or part livery and has turn-out and a stable, please let me know!?!!?  So far been to:

* Pawsons in Ulceby - closed down riding school, no proper arena and poor wooden stabling and little grazing £25/week.

* Graham Scott's in Ulceby - No outdoor arena, big stables, 10x35m indoor exercise arena, winter and summer turn-out, haylage, tack room, feed room, secure, £25/week for stable plus hay and straw on top.

* JJ Equestrian in Goxhill - £70/week full livery - amezzin, massive outdoor arena, individual turn-out paddock, rubber matting, shavings, feed, hay or haylage, ace ace ace but £££££££££££££££!!!  Jo was lovely though.

* Lophams in Goxhill - only a kids riding school and the Van Den Bos woman that runs it was most unfriendly too!

All no good sadly.

Does a yard exist with the things that I need I wonder?  Back to Google maps to search for arenas nearby LOL!

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  1. Hi, weird question but did you find a yard? and where? thanks Jenny