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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

500 days to the Olympics!

How exciting!  The countdown has officially begun, well after a false start form the Omega clock oops!  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm a Specialist Gamesmaker volunteer and can't wait to be part of it!  I don't care what I do as long as I am vaguely near to the horses at Greenwich!

Has anyone put their names down to do this too or to get tickets?

Livery News ...

I think I may have found somewhere to move OP to in East Halton which should hopefully work quite well until I find a proper base nearer to home.  I'll have the use of an arena too and have met two lovely local ladies willing to take me for a hack around the area to find my bearings!

Still potentially looking for a yard to rent to have all to myself to run a business from.  I want to break and train neddies and school on ones that have potential.  Possibly a spot of livery and then lots of coaching - ah to dream.  Seriously though - if you know a yard to rent with and arena - please contact me!

Sadly, only 13 days til I might lose my day job at the council - poo pants poo. So, if you would like to book some coaching with me or if you would like me to school/exercise your horse - get in touch.

I wish....

My lovely acquaintance down south, Wiola of Aspire Equestrian is doing so well with her academy.  She really is an inspiration and I wish I could be one of her BHS exam case study riders.  Once my BHSAI portfolio is out of the way in May, I've set my sights on the BHS Stage 4.  Oh yes.  I know I have the ability and motoivation to do it but am so out of practice and desperately need a mentor and trainer - not one to be found near me!  Any one got any ideas or can recommend anyone to train me?  I've got to be able to do this ...

Stage 4 - Riding
Ability to ride and improve horses both on the flat and over fences effectively with style and equestrian
tact. Assessing horse’s performance, present standard, problems and the type of work for which they
are best suited. Ability to ride and train horses for Elementary Dressage tests, Novice Horse Trials and
Newcomers Show Jumping competitions.


Ride a variety of horses to produce the
best from them in their basic gaits and
way of going, discover any problems,
discuss their findings, and give plans to
resolve or improve the problems.
Develop work to Elementary level
including ‘Walk Pirouettes’ if and when
the horse is working well enough.

Be effective and knowledgeable, over
show jumps and cross-country fences,
riding with balance, harmony and
Assess and discuss horses balance,
rhythm, straightness, boldness, scope,
and acceptance of aids.

Lunge horses effectively showing
experience and efficiency in handling
the lunge equipment and the horse.
Assess and develop the gaits of the
Discuss performance and future work.

Show a sound knowledge and
experience of training horses from early
handling to maturity and for competition
up to Elementary Dressage; Novice
Horse Trials; Newcomers SJ and
Endurance Riding.
Speak from experience on problems
encountered and corrective exercises in
the work on the flat, over Show Jumps
and Cross-country.

Hmmmm, I think I am a tad rusty on some of these elements and certainly DO NOT have a horse to practice this on.  My horse has only just remembered he can be ridden!!!

I could maybe borrow Millie and try and train her up for some of it.  I wonder if anyone else will let me borrow their horses too???

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