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Monday, 7 March 2011

I've ridden my Orange Pony!!!

I am so happy.  I've had the best weekend.  I lunged OP on Fri after work.  I lunged and sat on him on Sat afternoon.  On Sunday my BFF Claire helped me lunge and get on and ride OP all by myself.  It was like he'd never forgotten he was broken in!!!  Was a star.

Tonight, I left work early because it was so beautiful and sunny to ride OP again.  I jumped straight on him in the ringpen.  Makes you feel ace.  I've got my riding mojo back and really got the bug to ride ride ride.

I rode Elsa pony after the group lesson I did on Sunday too.  We had done polework and a couple of doubles.  Aimee asked if I wanted to ride Elsa - OF COURSE I DID!!  So I popped over the jumps.  Was a lot of fun.

I also rode Millie for nearly two hours on Sunday with my BFF on big Beamer!.  Millie completely let rip in the woods and I could not stop!  Brilliant.

On the lesson front, Linder rode Benji like a star.  Benji is one sharp pony but such a good boy and on a steep learning curve but will be so happy with life at Linder's.  He's having to learn to be a chilled out horse rather than a go-go-go pony.  He's getting there too because I've noticed how he is responding to work and enjoying having a new job with a lovely lady who understands him and has sensible goals!

Amy with Kokes (4 year old coloured sport horse) is progressing well now she has got a structure and plan to the work that she does with him.  Kokes is young but learning well and Amy is taking on board that work has to take into account that he is still growing and maturing and needs to reflect and help this so that he builds up his muscles in an even way.  I like teaching Amy.  I used to teach her when she was a little girl at Normanby so it's fun now that she's older and got the knowledge and understanding to put in the practice on her own horse.

Coming up this week ...

Riding OP tomorrow night after work.
Wednesday and Thursday are meant to be pants weather so prob won't get to do anything horsey.
Friday I hope to ride OP again after work.
Saturday teaching Linder at 10.30 am and Amy at 12 midday.
Sunday teaching the Mell's gang at 3.30pm.

So if anyone wants to book me for a free assessment lesson or a coaching session, please contact me.

Mobile: 07731 361339
Email: jodi-shanahan@live.co.uk
Twitter: JCSEquestrian
Facebook: JCS Equestrian
Website: www.jcs-equestrian.co.uk

See you soon!

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